Bill rejected to offer driver's license materials in Spanish

Published 02-27-2019

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PIERRE, S.D. (AP) - South Dakota representatives have shelved a bill that would have directed the state to offer driver's license applications and written tests in Spanish.

The House State Affairs Committee voted 9-4 Wednesday against the bill. Democratic Sen. Reynold Nesiba, the sponsor, says it would have helped address a workforce development problem in Sioux Falls and other areas.

Right now, the materials are only available in English under a state law dictating that English is the language of any official public document.

The measure would have instructed the Department of Public Safety to offer license and permit applications, test materials and written exams in Spanish. The agency opposed the bill.

Republican Rep. Kevin Jensen, an opponent, says nobody is being denied. He says if someone wants a driver's license, all they need is an interpreter.

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